Tracy Robinson - Photographer, Weddings, Portrait, Commercial & Fine Arts Tracey RobinsonTracy Robinson - Photographer, Weddings, Portrait, Commercial & Fine Arts

Tracey Robinson, photographer. A specialist in commercial, industrial, wedding, conference, sporting event and portrait photography. Although Tracey is based in Rotorua, the heart of the Bay of Plenty, she is available for commissions New Zealand wide. Images are produced using high resolution digital equipment, which, when coupled with Tracey's extensive knowledge and studio, digital, location and photographic excellence.

Over 20 years experience as a press photographer has given Tracey Robinson the photographic knowledge to cope with any assignment. You can find her work in catalogues, brochures, posters, magazines and news papers all around New Zealand. Tracey's artistic eye is not just limited to photography. With a degree in fine arts and a passion for artwork, you will also find Tracey's canvases adorning many an art gallery, right next to her photographs.


Date Award
Dream International salon Serbia 10 Acceptances
  1 FIAP Honourable mention
  1 Salon Honourable mention  
Toronto International salon 8 Acceptances  
Adriatic International salon 2 Acceptances  
  1 Bronze medal  
Midland Counties International Salon 3 Acceptances  
Corsica International salon 8 Acceptances  
  1 Honourable Mention  
NZIPP Documentary Photographer of the Year Winner
Iris Awards Documentary 1 silver Distinction
  Documentary 2 silver
NZ International Salon 4 Acceptances  
PSNZ Honours Board appointed for 2nd term
NATEX Awards 1 Silver medal  
  1 Bronze medal
  1 Honours  
  4 Acceptances
Rotorua Camera Club Appointed as Rotorua Camera Club Patron
NZIPP Finalist in Documentary Photographer of the year
Iris Awards 3 silver Distinction awards
  2 Silver awards  
  2 Bronze awards  
Photographers World cup 2 Images selected for NZ team entry
Waikato/BOP NZIPP Pinnacle award for highest scoring National print
Iris Awards Documentary 1 Gold with Distinction
  Documentary 1 Silver
  Creative 2 Silver  
  Landscape 1 Silver
  Illustrative 1 Gold  
  Illustrative 1 Silver with Distinction
  Illustrative 2 Silver  
  New Zealand Professional Photographer of the year Selected for Photographers world cup team
Awarded Two bars to Fellow Waikato BOP NZIPP Pinnacle award for highest scoring National Image at Iris awards
World Masters Cup 3 Nominations
  1 Honourable Mention
Natex 3 Acceptances
  2 Honours
North Shore Salon 7 Acceptances
  2 Honours
  1 Gold Medal
  1 Silver Medal
NZIPP Iris Awards Classic Wedding 2 Bronze  
  Illustrative Category 1 Silver  
  Creative Portrait 1 Silver with Distinction  
    1 Silver  
  Classic Portrait 1 Bronze  
    2 Silver  
    1 Silver with Distinction  
  Appointed to PSNZ Honours Council
  Qualified as a PSNZ Judge
December 2012 Awarded NZIPP Waikato/BOP Regional Photographer of the year
September 2012 New Zealand Institute of Proffessional Photographer Iris Awards Christchurch
      Travel Section      Bullfight image Silver Medal
      Travel Section     Paris cyclist  Bronze Medal
      Travel Section     London taxi  Bronze Medal
      Classic Portrait    Dog  Silver Medal
      Creative Portrait     Clown Bronze Medal
      Creative Portrait    Mc Cartney  Bronze Medal
      Illustrative     Ruatahuna Silver Medal
      Illustrative   Airport   Bronze Medal
September 2012 NZIPP Honours awarded my fellowship, FNZIPP
January 2012 32nd German International DVF Photo cup, Gold Medal
January 2012 66th Bristol International Salon, Honourable Mention
August 2011 MNZIPP obtained
August 2011 ANZIPP obtained
August 2011 NZIPP Iris Awards in Rotorua, 6 bronze, 2 silver & 1 gold medal
February 2011 NATEX 3 acceptances, one silver medal
December 2010 NZIPP Regional Photographer of the year
October 2010 Finland International salon 15 acceptances
October 2010 Swansea International Salon 1 acceptance
October 2010 Canon online 1st place
September 2010 NZIPP Iris awards Queenstown 4 Bronze & 1 silver medal
April 2010 PSNZ 4 Nations 2 acceptances
March 2010 Aqueducte Salon Spain 2 acceptances
March 2010 10eme Salon d’art France 6 acceptances
February 2010 PSNZ Trans Tasman 1 acceptance
February 2010 Tropical salon USA 4 acceptances
January 2010 Awarded PSNZ Fellowship 
Jan 2010 NATEX 1 acceptance
December 2009 GASO American salon circuit  2 medals & 1 best of show Atlanta city.
December 2009 Exposed International Salon Kamnik 2 acceptances
November 2009 RCC Salon Grade aggregate points winner for the year
November 2009 NZIPP Regional photographer of the year 5th place
August 2009 NZIPP Iris awards wellington 1 Bronze medal 
July 2009 Taipei International Salon of photography 3 acceptances
July 2009 New Zealand Photojournalism contest 4 acceptances
June 2009 Annette Champness memorial trophy Nature photography winner
May 2009 Laurie Thomas Landscape salon 1 acceptance
April 2009 North shore salon of photography 12 acceptances and 1 gold medal
February 2009 63rd Bristol salon of photography England 1 acceptance
February 2009 NATEX 3 acceptances
September 2008 32nd Taipei International salon 1 acceptance
July 2008 NZ Photo journalism competition 2nd 
July 2008 South Waikato opens print salon 3 acceptances
July 2008 Narva international salon 3 acceptances
June 2008 Golden spurs international salon Belgium Gold medal
June 2008 4th Laurie Thomas landscape salon 1 acceptance
May 2008 RCC Midyear Black and white 2nd
May 2008 RCC Midyear Night photography 3rd
March 2008 62nd Bristol International salon England 2 acceptances
February 2008 Counties International salon England 1 acceptance 
February 2008 PSNZ Canon online 1st place 
January 2008 NATEX 2 acceptances
January 2008 NATEX Honours 
January 2008 Awarded PSNZ Associateship
December 2007 RCC Digital artistic image 1st 
September 2007 Waikato A&P Col portrait 3rd
September 2007 Waikato A&P 2nd  portrait
August 2007 Dunedin Festival of photography salon Honours award
July 2007 George Bennett Memorial trophy for best set of 6 images 

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